Get Involved

Having a greater outlook on life can result from serving others in as many capacities as possible.  You should not limit yourself to the organizations below to make a difference in the lives of others.

Utah County Health Department

Help volunteer for such organizations as the Foster Grandparent Organization, The 4-H Program, Utah County Sheriff Search & Rescue team, or the Health Promotion Internship and Volunteer Program.

BYU Public Health Association

Become active in BPHA to become involved in helping the community.

Center for Service and Learning (BYU)

There are a wide variety of service opportunities available through this site.  Select one that you feel passionate about and make a difference in someone’s life today.

United Way – Utah County

The site lists upcoming volunteer opportunities by date to make it convenient for you to decide how you want to help the community.

Positive Attitude Youth Center

Founded in 1995, the Positive Attitude Youth Center is a Christian Organization seeking to enable children and young adults to mature physically, emotionally and spiritually. Children who attend the Center achieve better grades and exhibit better attitudes and behavior at school.


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