Related Links

Discover a Hobby This site offers a guide for finding and starting a new hobby.  There are lessons, instructional pictures, and videos, to help you get started on whatever hobby you would like to learn.

Definition of Wellness A website that explores all the dimensions of wellness.  There are ten components of wellness according to the site and there are individual pages for each to read about.

National Opinion Research Center Learn more about a population-based study of health and social factors on a national scale, aiming to understand the well-being of older, community-dwelling Americans by examining the interactions among physical health, illness, medication use, cognitive function, emotional health, sensory function, health behaviors, and social connectedness.  The study will be important in finding new ways to improve health as people age.

American Psychological Association This page shares several ways you can improve your emotional health.   Learn about how exercise goes a long way to help you feel better about yourself.

University Health Services at Princeton Help yourself adjust to life at college.  Subjects include how to deal with long distance relationships, committed relationships in college, and unhealthy relationships.  My favorite is the section on holiday health.

Family Doctor Find out why spiritual health is important.  Learn how to communicate to your doctor about your spiritual beliefs.

Mayo Clinic Is your glass half-empty or half-full? Make it half-full by applying these great principles.  From there, fill the cup to the brim!

WebMD A short article on implementing three strategies to improve your attitude.

Wellsphere If you like dancing, check out the article located in the middle of the page.  Afterwards, hype yourself up for the upcoming dance party.  This link leads to a number of good articles on wellness.

U.S.  Health News Learn about excellent information shared from several conferences on positive psychology.


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